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    Party A (Employer):




    Legal representative (or person in charge):


    Party B (Worker):




    ID card number:


    On an equal and voluntary basis and in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China and other laws and regulations, Party A and Party B reach the contract regarding the recruit matters by consensus. The two parties should implement following the contract:


    Article I. Term of the Labor Contract:

    1、本劳动合同为(选择其中一项并填写完整) :

    1. The labor contract is (select one and complete it):

    A、有固定期限劳动合同: 年 月 日至 年 月 日;

    A. A fixed-term labor contract: from   year   month   day to    year   month   day;

    B、无固定期限劳动合同,自 年 月 日起。

    B. A non-fixed term labor contract: from   year   month  day to   year  month   day.

    C、以完成 工作为期限。

    C. It takes the completion of     work as a term.

    2、本合同包含 个月的试用期(自 年 月 日至 年 月 日)。

    2. This contract contains     months of probationary period (from   year   month   day to    year   month   day).

    第二条、工作地点: 省(自治区、直辖市) 市(县) 路 号 。

    Article II. Address: No.   Road   City (county)   Province (autonomous region and municipality).


    Article III. Work contents:

    1、乙方同意在甲方 部门(或岗位)担任 职务,乙方具体工作内容按照甲方的岗位职责要求执行。

    1. Party A agrees to hold    job in   department (or position) of Party B. The specific work contents of Party B shall be executed in accordance with Party A’s job responsibilities.


    2. If Party B is not competent the work, Party A can adjust the position of Party B and determine the salary according to the adjusted position; If Party B does not consent the adjustment, Party A may notify Party B to terminate the labor contract prior to 30 days, and the economic compensation will be distributed in accordance with national regulations.


    3. In the course of work, Party A is entitled to claim compensation from Party B for the losses of Party A caused due to gross negligence or deliberation of Party B.


    Article IV. Working hours, rest and vacation:


    1. Working Hours: it adopts standard working hours. Party A ensures that the working hours of Party B will not exceed eight hours a day and will not exceed 40 hours a week. The specific working hour shall be arranged by Party A according to production and management needs, Party B shall obey it.


    2. Rest and vacation: Party A shall arrange the rest and vacation of Party B in accordance with national regulations.


    Article V. Labor remuneration:

    1、乙方月工资标准为人民币 元,其中试用期内工资为人民币 元;

    (若实行计件工资的按照以下标准计法工资: )。

    1. The standard monthly wage of Party B is RMB   Yuan, of which the wage in probationary period is RMB   Yuan;

    (If it adopts piecework wages, it shall calculate wages in accordance with the following criteria:).


    2. If Party A arranges Party B to extend working hours or work in a rest day or on statutory holidays due to production and management needs, Party A shall distribute overtime pay according to national regulations. 

    3、甲方保证按月发放工资,具体发放日期为 。

    3. Party A ensures to pay wages on a monthly basis, the specific payment date is     .


    Article VI. Social insurance:


    1. Party A shall handle with all kinds of social insurances for Party B and pay social insurance premiums in accordance with national regulations;


    2. As for the social insurance premiums to be assumed by Party B according to law, Party A shall withhold from the wages of Party B, Party B shall not have objections.


    Article VII. Party A shall provide the necessary tools and work places, and other working conditions to Party B; ensure that the workplace complies with the safety conditions specified by state regulations and shall take safety precautions to prevent occupational diseases according to law.


    Article VIII. Party A shall develop and improve various rules and regulations according to law, and Party B should strictly adhere to them.


    Article IX. During the work period, Party B shall keep various trade secrets, intellectual property, corporate secrets and any matter that should not be opened publicly for Party A, otherwise Party B shall be liable for compensation for the losses caused to Party A.


    Article X. As Party B promises to sign this agreement, he shall not maintain labor relations or sign competitive restriction agreement with any other units. Otherwise, Party B shall be solely responsible for the damage caused to other units, which has nothing to do with Party A.


    Article XI. Rescission or termination of the Labor Contract :

    1、若乙方需解除劳动合同书,应当提前30日以书面的形式通知甲方,书面通知以送达甲方 (具体部门、职务)为准;

    1. If Party A needs to terminate the labor contract, he shall notify Party A in writing prior to 30 days. The date that the written notice is submitted to the     (specific department, position) of Party A shall prevail;


    2. The matters related to relieve or terminate the labor contract shall be performed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the laws and regulations specified in the Labor Contract Law.


    3. In the process of dissolution or termination of the labor contract, Party B shall hand over the working matters being processed or the property delivered to Party B by Party A to the designated staff of Party A. If the matters are not handed over due to the causes of Party B, any loss shall be compensated by Party B.


    4. The economic compensation to be obtained by Party B according to the law due to dissolution or termination of the labor contract shall not be paid by Party A before Party B hand over the matters with Party A.


    Article XII. The disputes occurred due to the performance of this contract, the two parties shall negotiate to process in line with the reasonable and legitimate, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation principle; if the negotiation fails to work, any party can apply for arbitration to the labor dispute arbitration committee according to law.


    Article XIII. The matters not agreed in the contract shall be performed in accordance with the provisions of laws, regulations, administrative rules and local laws and regulations.


    Article XIV. The contract shall become effective upon being signed or stamped by the two parties. It is in duplicate and each party holds a copy. The changes of any term of this contract shall confirmed in writing by the two parties in form of signing or stamping.



    Party A (seal):                                     

    Party B (signature):


    Signatory representative

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